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Leo Green (Sax player and BBC Radio Presenter) approached me last year to MD a new theatre dance show called 'Rip It Up'. Natalie Lowe, Jay McGuiness and Louis Smith were to be the featured dancers plus a 50's rock and roll band. It was a huge success and next years tour is already selling tickets fast.


'Remembering Fred'

I have taken over being Musical Director on this show, recording all the fantastic Fred Astaire Arrangements and adding some of my own. Really looking forward to getting this tour off the ground at the end of March through to May 2018.




I really enjoy doing music for films so when I got asked to do the soundtrack to this film, I jumped at the chance. Frankie Williams is a talented writer and director that produced a short film about the huge refugee problem that we are having in the world. The film is stunning and I believe it has been featured at a number of worldwide film festivals.



I am now the resident trombonist on the London Musical ' Bat out of Hell', maybe one day I'll get to meet 'MR LOAF'??


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