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FEATURE FILMS...Blink and you'll miss me.

Love Actually

Everybody loves a Christmas movie...

It's guaranteed that every Christmas somebody calls me saying 'Is that you in 'LOVE ACTUALLY', That's my favorite film..


The musicians in this clip were booked through '19 Management', which had recently done a tour with the POP IDOLS.


James Knight, Ben Castle, Dave Williamson, Nathan Bray, Pete Wareham, Simon Finch, Dennis Baptist, Harry Brown, Paul Newton and I had a great time on set.


Richard Curtis spoke to us on day 1 and explained the inspiration for this scene. He told us about how he had attended Jim Henson's funeral that year, as the coffin disappeared through the curtain, all the Muppets secretly stood up from out of the audience and started singing and playing.


(He managed to find a bunch off 'Muppets' for real in us lot)


Funnily enough,


The church where this was filmed was the small church on 'Audley St'

just at the back of the 'Dorchester Hotel' on Park Lane.


A few months after this was filmed, one of KID CREOLE'S 'COCONUTS'

( Louise Sewell) got married here.

I had to play the piano and organize the band for her reception,

it was a great day even though Keira Knightly didn't show up

for a second appearance. ( She was there in my mind)

Cemetary Juntion

A Huge 'Ricky Gervais' Fan.


When I got a call for this film I was really excited, then I realised that the call time was 6am at 'KOKO's' in Camden. Not only is this extremely early for a musicians life, but I happened to be doing a concert in Belgium the night before (finishing at 2am) oops!


I had to do it though.. so I managed to get a lift straight after the gig to the EuroStar, I slept a few hours at the station, then got the first train into London. I then ran for a cab from Kings Cross to Camden making it luckily on time. I was however the last in the que to get my wig fitted, which was the last one that they had and let me tell you... it was nothing less than awful, I don't like wigs to start with but this one looked like a dead gerbel with alopecia.


I fell asleep during the lunch break on the stage with this wig on ( we weren't allowed to take them off) but woke up panicking because my wig had fallen off. It had fallen into a crate that all the lighting crew had thrown all there cables in. I remember quickly dragging it out and shoving it on my head for the next take.


Whilst filming, one of the 'important people' from 'upstairs', stopped the shoot and came down shouting..




I had been told off, but I was secretly quite proud that somebody had noticed me.


'Cameron Diaz is going to sing with the band...are you avaliable?'


Guy Barker called me and said.. could I do the sound track to this Cohen Brothers film, plus we might be actually in it with Cameron Diaz and 6 Japanese guys that will be singing with the band.. How could I refuse.


It was a 3 day shoot during winter, outside, AT NIGHT!


A masked ball, in the grounds of a mansion house near Northampton.


We were a 40's band that Cameron Diaz would get up and sing with us.

She was great, really lovely and up for a laugh. She would come out and do her scene then run back in doors with warm blankets and soup, whilst the rest of us had to stay outside freezing.


We had to wear white dinner jackets for the take, but underneath some of the band were wearing there jeans underneath there smart trousers just to keep warm. The director would say 'Stand by!' ( we would all de-robe), then 'Action!' ( SMILE SMILE SMILE) then as soon as he said 'CUT!' we all ran for our jackets like fish chasing food.

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